Klasbak is a network and centre of expertise for people and organisations that support learning for (former) prisoners. Our members are for instance academics, schools, teachers and volunteers in prison.

As the Flemish branch of the European Prison Education Association (EPEA), Klasbak is part of a larger European network.

What we believe in

People in prison are an invisible and voiceless group. But almost every prisoner is released one day. That’s why Klasbak strongly believes that a person in detention should receive the help and opportunities to prepare for his or her re-entrance into society, starting from day 1. Learning is a key-element in this process because it offers people tools to grow, to enhance themselves and to contribute eventually to society.

The schoolyear 2019-2020, Klasbak focuses on DIGITAL INCLUSION of people in detention.

Our goals

  • To communicate the vision on education in prison as stated in European and local policies and laws.
  • To act as the Flemish branch of the international network of the EPEA.
  • To make the expertise of organisations, active in the field of education in prison, visible. To share this and to create connection with the focus on increasing quality of education in prison (for example by organising study days).
  • To act as the Flemish centre of expertise concerning education in prison.
  • To develop a mutual vision on education in prison.
  • To enhance the visibility and the social support for education in prison.
  • To initiate and encourage research on education in prison.
  • To develop a sustainable collaboration with other partners that are directly or indirectly involved with education in prison.
  • To serve as the voice and point of contact for all these goals.

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